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Uptown Musik is proud to be in Kindermusik International's top 1% of programs of more than 5,000 locations world-wide! In fact, we are 13th in the world! When you choose an Uptown Musik Kindermusik class, you're choosing a ten-time award winning music program for your child. We will sing, dance, imagine, and play instruments together. We'll learn musical terms, but to your child it just feels like a magical, musical world. Our teachers are hand-picked with music degrees, years of experience working with children, are teachers in public schools, or all of the above. Within a busy week, Kindermusik will be your favorite scheduled time to reconnect with your little one and share the bond that only music can give.


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Our Policy

All adults must wear masks properly during classes. Student masks are optional. Temperature checks will be conducted upon arrival; anyone with a temperature above 99.5 will not be permitted in the Kindermusik classroom.